Welcome, adventurer, to the city of Fenhaven. May she be your kindest patron, or your cruelest executioner. Do not take my words for hostility stranger; take them as a warning. For you see, stranger, Fenhaven, she is no mere city.
She lives and breathes just as you and I do. Where other cities have roads, she has waterways and they flow with her own blood. Where other cities are made of warm wood, she is made of cold stone and they break as if her bone. Where cities shun the encroachment of nature, she welcomes it. She is a living, breathing being and she responds to even the most simplest of charities with love, but she also responds to the most slightest of offenses with anger.
Which begs the questions, visitor, what are your intentions coming here? Maybe it is best you do not answer right now. For it is likely you do not actually know all of your intentions yet and making a premature declaration might land you in hot water, figuratively and literally. maybe a better question is this one. What brought you here in the first place?
Is it her countless ruins that rest beneath her streams? Is it the Deep Water which is home to centuries of shipwrecks and their treasures? Or maybe it is the swamps that surround her and their ancient ruins that played hosts to long dead gods? Maybe you seek to socialize with the myriad of people that gather to her? I am sure it is one or all of the former that brought you here, and maybe it is even more. Now it matters little for you are here and the embrace of our fair lady Fenhaven awaits you.
So adventurer, will you embrace her in return or reject her? Be careful of your choice because either has great consequences.